EMERGENCY RESCUES: We have taken in 7 kittens and 2 adult cats from one of the most dreadful "dumping" grounds in town. This disgusting place spreads disease, causes life altering injuries, and leaves helpless cats victim to shootings. Yes, believe it or not, cats have been shot at this location. We have worked hard through rescue efforts to make sure NO cats or kittens live here, and for a long while, it was cat free. Recently, someone started dumping cats and kittens here again. The 9 kitties were already infested with fleas, had eye infections, and foxtails. There are eight more kittens that we are desperately working to rescue, but they are very frightened. We need donations to help vet bills, and we need help finding peaceful forever homes for these babies.

These cats and kittens have had a rough time, and are a little more timid than some of our other cats. They will need to be placed in a home that is peaceful with no dogs. They need an owner who will give lots of TLC and be patient while they recover. 

Help the Sump Kitties