Submit a request to have your cat/kitten posted on our community page. 

In an effort to assist community members looking to place cats and kittens in forever loving homes, we have created a place on our website where people can have their adoptable cats and kittens posted. The Cat People does not facilitate adoptions for the cats and kittens posted in the community section, and we are not involved in their care.

Note: By submitting cats and kitten profiles along with contact information, you are agreeing to have your information posted on our website. This means it will be accessible to the public. 

You remain responsible for the felines posted. If the forever home doesn't work out, we will not take the cat/kitten in. 

Our organization is all-volunteer. It can take up to a week to have your post approved and posted. 

The post must be deemed appropriate by The Cat People before it is posted. 

Your Name *
Your Name
Phone (Not required. If you share the phone number, we will post in publicly along with your post for potential adopters)
Phone (Not required. If you share the phone number, we will post in publicly along with your post for potential adopters)
You must be in the greater Bakersfield area to have your post shared. Please provide your address. We will NEVER share an address on the public site.
(If you are posting a very young litter, please only submit one form for the whole litter.)
Where was it found? What is its personality? What would you like a potential adopter to know?
I understand that by submitting this form, I am allowing The Cat People to post my email address, my phone number (if provided), and the information about the cat/kitten to be posted PUBLICLY. I understand that I am solely responsible for the feline(s) and that The Cat People will not facilitate the adoption, nor will they assume responsibility if the cat/kitten(s) are returned to me. I understand that they have the right to deem posts inappropriate. I know that they are volunteer based and that it could take up to a week for my post to be made available. I also understand that public posts will be removed after a MONTH. I know that I must send an email with pictures or links to videos to in order for it to be linked to my post. *