Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic Update

Everyone at the sanctuary is very excited about the Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic we will be hosting October 21st and 22nd. Today is the day to call in and make your appointments! The phone number is 805-584-3823. Call now!

Both feral and companion cats will be accepted, two cats per household. Feral cats must be in a trap, and their ear will be tipped. Companion cats must me in a carrier. The Cat People hopes to host a spay/neuter clinic on a regular basis, and is asking for the communities support in this effort. All alteration surgeries will be free, but donations will be happily accepted and be put towards financing the next clinic.

Exciting happenings at the Sanctuary Coming Up!

Hi everyone,

The Cat People are very excited to let you know about a couple events coming up at the Sanctuary. First, we will be hosting a Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic in October. We do not have firm dates yet, but will post them when we’re confirmed. It’s something to see-a very large motor home, set up as a surgery where they can do spays and neuters on dogs and cats (our clinic will be for cats!) The five people crew can do 50 cats a day, and we will have them for two days! More information to come!

Secondly, The Cat People will host an open house on November 16th, a Saturday, from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Everyone is invited to come by for a visit. There will be appetizers on hand, awesome raffle baskets, vendors offering very cool items for sale, our very own Hot Cats and T-shirts available and a no-host wine and beer bar. Tours of the cottage will be running, and we’re hoping to have a grand photo gallery of the Mobile Spay/Neuter experience. Save the date…all your favorite Cat People will be there!

Adoption Days at the Sanctuary

The Pawsitively Cats Sanctuary is up and running. Saturday adoption days have been fun for both the volunteers and cats, with lots of new faces coming by to visit with all the friendly felines. If you’ve thought about donating some time or money to a worthy cause be sure to check out the sanctuary. Our volunteers are treasured members of the organization, and have a great time being part of a team working on behalf of the cats. Any morning will find three or four hard working folks feeding, watering and cleaning, all while enjoying the companionship of many wonderful cats and kits. Fill out a volunteer application if you think you might be interested, either here or at the Sanctuary. We’d love to have you!

Upcoming Events

Hi all! It’s been a little while since a new blog post, so we’ll bring you all up to date. First up is our Pizza with a Purrpose Fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen here in Bakersfield. This is a great deal for non-profits because it is so simple and easy for everyone. Go to California Pizza Kitchen on September 27th, any time-lunch or dinner, order your meal and 20% of your tab will be donated to The Cat People! Sweet, right? All you need to do is present the fundraising flyer to your server. You can print the flyer from the Facebook post or pick one up at the Sanctuary. See you there.

Next is The Cat People Rummage Sale. It is going to be huge! Saturday October 6th, from 7:00 am until noon, at Pawsitively Cats Sanctuary. A bunch of really great stuff has been donated to us: toys, tools, furniture, home decor, books and lots, lots more. Join us at 4120 East Drive. Come early so you can get the good buys! Better yet, if you’d like to volunteer to help let us know and we’ll put you to work.


We are excited to announce that we have successfully purchased property that will one day serve as our long-awaited sanctuary and adoption center. We haven't moved in quite yet; there are countless renovations and modifications to be done before the property will be approved to house cats and kittens. We are working around the clock to get the space ready for the many cats and kittens in our system waiting to be adopted. The required renovations will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and we are hoping that you will continue to support us in our endeavor to create a much-needed safe and loving space for felines in Kern County. Donate a few bucks by clicking on the donate button below, and stay tuned for new volunteer opportunities just around the corner. 


Help Onyx

The lack of compassion some people have for animals is unbelievable. Onyx is a completely declawed, older cat that was dumped last week and left for dead. She is so lucky that our volunteers found her and were able to capture her before something terrible happened. Do NOT dump your animals people! Taking them to the shelter is the humane option. Too often animals are killed after being dumped, or they live their life in constant fear and avoid being captured and saved. Especially Onyx, who doesn't even have claws to defend herself in the wild! Onyx is recovering from her ordeal and loving her new foster home, but she will need a dental before she can be adopted. If you are interested in helping Onyx, please consider pitching in for her dental. This girl deserves the best life possible!



Giving Tuesday is here! This world-wide event is the perfect time to give to your favorite nonprofits. This year, we hope you choose to help cats and kittens in Bakersfield. 

We are in great need of food, litter, crates and other various supplies, and we have updated out Amazon Wishlist to reflect our most current necessitates. Please consider donating food that will help feed cats in our foster homes, and community cats that we manage through TNR programs. We also need litter, crates, cleaning supplies, and flea treatment for our foster felines. Once we receive your items, Mr. Lake will post an official thank you on our Facebook page. 

You can also become a member for Giving Tuesday for as little as $25. We are an all-volunteer organization, so your membership fee goes straight to helping cats.

We also need monetary donations of any amount. Every penny counts. Please share with your friends!

Holiday Open House

Please stop by and enjoy a hot beverage & other goodies while mingling with fellow feline supporters. Browse and shop our unique store. Remember all proceeds go towards the rescue and care of our furry feline friends!

Where: The Cat People, 1930 18th Street, 93301

When: 10am-4pm

See you there!

Charlie, Harley, and Turtle

Charlie, Turtle, and Harley go to Petco every week, but they are never adopted. They need your help. They were bottle fed by John, their wonderful foster dad, starting at 2 weeks old. They are now 7 months old, and no one has adopted them. John has done an excellent job raising them, and they have grown up to be awesome cats. They love affection, playtime, and their cat tree. They desperately need your help in finding their forever home. Please consider giving them a chance! They will make someone very happy!

Fill out this form if you are interested in adopting one or all of them:

Name *

National Feral Cat Day

Today is #feralcatday and Mr. Lake has a special request to help homeless kitties. He was dumped at the park when he was 12. Completely declawed and scared, he wandered through the park trying to find someone to help him. During his journey, he encountered many feral cats that had spent their whole lives outside. He noticed they were scared of humans, but he watched them play, cuddle, meow and purr while they tried their best to enjoy life in the often dangerous park. One morning as he made his way to the foothills, Mr. Lake heard a car and voices. He ran towards the sound and found kind people feeding the cats on tortillas. The volunteers noticed he was covered in fox tails, cuts, and blisters and took him into the vet. Mr. Lake is happy and safe now, but he knows there are other cats out there in need of food and care. In honor of National Feral Cat Day, Mr. Lake is hoping that you will donate to help with the cost of food, vet care, and trap and release efforts at the park. Even $5 helps! We are an all volunteer organization meaning every cent goes towards helping felines. Donate today!

Donate to help Ferals


Cat lovers, we need you to send positive energy, good thoughts, and prayers to sweet little Serenity. When she was rescued, she was helpless and alone trying to nurse four two week old kittens. She has been doing okay, but her foster mom noticed something was off. She rushed her to the vet, and they discovered she has the start of kidney failure. She will be hospitalized all weekend on IV. We will be using the extra funds we received for Gizmo's surgery, but it will not cover the expense. If you have a few extra bucks, consider donating to her cause. 

Help Serenity

PizzaRev Fundraiser TODAY!

Mr. Lake can hardly wait for our fantastic PizzaRev - Bakersfield, River Walk fundraiser today! PizzaRev has delicious options for every diet, including VEGAN and gluten free. Order your custom, yummy pizza anytime today between 11am-10pm at PizzaRev on Stockade Hwy and mention The Cat People at the register and 20% of your entire purchase will go straight to helping cats and kittens! Bring all your friends and family and be sure to share with everyone you know! Click here to see more details about the fundraiser and to RSVP via Facebook.

Enya's Story

Enya is a fighter. She is a miracle. Watch her video and read her story written by her foster family.

Please donate to support Enya and the other kittens at The Cat People. We have vet bills from her emergency vet visits. If any extra money is donated then it will go towards our emergency vet fund to help kittens and cats just like Enya



Enya’s Second Chance

In early May, a kitten on death’s door step was brought to The Cat People. The little tabby with a touch of orange on her sweet face was emaciated, flea ridden, and could no longer walk. When I first saw her, I was devastated. She was in a box lined with a soft blanket, panting with her eyes closed. I contacted Barb because I felt the kitten needed to be put to sleep. I can’t stand watching an animal suffer. 

Just as Barb and I were texting, the little kitten raised its head and open its eyes. I was shocked. Then, she pushed her front legs up, holding her wobbly head up in a sitting position. I couldn’t believe my eyes! This kitten was trying to tell me she didn’t want to give up. I immediately grabbed water and NutriCal, and slowly dropped some water onto her tongue. To my amazement, the little kitten lapped up the water I gave her. I careful placed some NutriCal gel in her mouth, and she swallowed it right up. After I repeated the process a few times, the little kitten laid back down to rest. 

I kept her with me all night. Every hour I would give her fluids and gel. By the end of the evening, her breathing had regulated, and she looked much more comfortable. I woke up every hour that night to continue the process. It was exhausting, but this little kitten was such a fighter that I owed her every chance possible to survive. The little touch of orange hair on her head represented the mark of fire. She had a fire burning in her soul to stay alive and see a better future in which she is cared for and loved. I named her Enya which means “little fire.” 

The next morning, Barb took the kitten to the vet hospital. She got fluids, worm treatment, and special high calorie food. The kitten appeared to be the size of a two week old kitten, but the vet said she was at least six weeks old. 

The kitten continued to get stronger every day. She started eating on her own after a couple days, and by the third day she was purring again. She built the muscle back up in her body and can now walk, run and play like a normal kitten. I have never seen such a young animal with a stronger will to live. 

Little Enya will remain in foster care with me until she is big enough for adoptions. She enjoys hanging out with Mr. Lake and playing with my chihuahuas. She really is one of a kind.

Peeta is healing

Suzanne is doing an amazing job helping Peeta heal! We are blown away by how much he has improved in such a short time. Today, Suzanne reported, "He spent a long time out of his room  yesterday, he even had that wild play look in his eyes!"

Her friend even made little padded boots that have allowed him to move around more. We must say they are very fashionable!


This cat's spirit and determination is just incredible. Thank you to all who have donated to support his care. 

If you have a few bucks, consider donating to The Cat People to help cover Peeta's medical expenses. 


Felix needs a home

CALLING ALL CAT LOVERS: Felix needs a foster home or a forever family fast! His owner had to move into an assisted living facility that does not allow pets. She is heart broken, and so is Felix. He is a great cat will make an awesome forever friend. He is neutered, caught up on shots, and ready to start the next chapter of his life. Please share! Contact us if you are interested. Bakersfield, CA. Petfinder profile here.