Fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire today. 

If you are interested in adopting one of our cats or kittens, please complete this questionnaire. Completing this form does not automatically qualify you to adopt an animal from us.

All applications are reviewed. You will be contacted within 5 business days after the questionnaire has been received. Please note that in some cases there may be multiple applications for the same cat. Several factors are considered to determine an appropriate adopter for the cat's individual needs.

Many of our rescues have been traumatized due to cruelty, abandoned by a previous owner, or subject to situations beyond their control. As a result, The Cat People feel it is important the new owner is willing to make the commitment to provide a loving, stable, and forever home. 

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If you saw a kitty on Petfinder, Facebook, or on our website, please provide the name of the feline you hope to adopt. We would also love to know what personality/age you are looking for so that we can match you with a perfect companion!
Are you a stay at home parent that is home most of the day? Are you gone during the work day and home in the evenings? What do you do with your pets while you are gone?
If you rent or lease, we will need a letter from your landlord permitting you to have cats. Email letter to courtneyc@TheCatPeople.org
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