For one day, The Cat People became The Cat and Dog People! A few very cold months ago, a young pregnant Terrier was dumped in the park. She was so frightened, that while all the feeders took pains to feed her, she would not come near. On November 29, she crawled under the only Palm tree  and had 5 puppies. Phyllis and Dale, our ever faithful morning feeders, took it upon themselves to constantly bring her out warm chicken, steak, etc. We knew that we could not leave them there and worried nightly that they would freeze in our winter temperatures. After much patience and feeding, Phyllis picked Mama dog up and put her into a large cat carrier. David Serrano, our Wednesday night feeder, cut into the palm and climbed in to rescue the 5  two and a half week old puppies. From there, all were taken into Dr. Martin at Soutwest Vets who was amazed at how well they looked, given their harsh environment. Cindy Joslin, our wonderful co-Saturday feeder is now the foster mom who has fallen in love with this little terrier. We now must start looking for homes for the puppies. If you know an amimal lover looking for a darling puppy, let us know! I can tell you that, along with Phyllis, we will all sleep better after this dramatic rescue! Click here to see all of the pictures! Contact Adoptions@TheCatPeople.org if you are interested. Here are the four puppies that are looking for homes: