Adoptions have been going well! This last Saturday we had EIGHT kitties adopted at Petco! People have been finding their forever friends on our website! Here are two stories of successful placements through the webpage.

The Lion Girls (The First Adoption Through the Website!!)

The Lion Girls were a group of three sisters rescued by The Cat People a few months back. One of the girls got adopted at Petco, but the other two were still waiting for their forever homes. Their profile was placed on the website in hopes of finding them a new family.

In late October, Nathan and Terrie found the profile on our website. They had adopted a kitty from the cat people 15 years ago (wow!) but unfortunately it had passed away from old age. Nathan and Terrie emailed us in hopes of  making the Lion Girls part of their family. They went through the application process and got to meet the kitties. They decided that the sisters were perfect for the family and signed the adoption papers.

They recently contacted us with photos and an update on how the sisters are doing. They have named the girls Ginger and Jewel and are very happy with them! Nathan and Terrie told us, "They have brought such joy and happiness to our lives." thecatpeople-1.org2 Ginger and Jewel

Ginger and Jewel in their forever homes and enjoying their early Christmas Present.

Perry and Whitney

Perry and Whitney were rescued from an abandoned building that was going to be torn down. They waited in foster care for months trying to find the right home. Their profiles were put on the webpage and videos were posted on YouTube but it seemed like they were going to be stuck in foster care for a very long time.

In November, Jessica contacted us because she had seen their profiles on the website and enjoyed their YouTube videos. She had grown up with cats, and really wanted to find the right kitties to bring into her home. We set up a time with her to meet Perry and Whitney, hoping that she would decide that they were the right match.

Jessica brought her children in with her  to meet the kitties. They all were very excited! Jessica went through the application and decided that Perry and Whitney were perfect for her family. Jessica stays in contact with us on Facebook, and she recently let us know how they were doing. Jessica said, "Whitney is VERY rambunctious, keeps us on our toes and laughing all the time! Perry is very petite and calm, doesn't like loud noises and prefers to stay in her hiding spot under the side table until the kids are asleep. It's been a blast having them here to keep us entertained!" Her kids have also been enjoying the kitties and her son Bradley named them Sushi and Kabuki.

Jessica also shared her experience with adopting her cats with us. "Thank you all so much for introducing us to Whitney & Perry! We've been absolutely blessed with their presence. The Cat People were absolutely amazing in helping us complete our family!"

Sushi Kabuki

Sushi and Kabuki in their forever home.

If you are thinking about adopting a kitty featured on our site the time is now! If you are interested in a cat or kitten but you are not sure which one if purrrfect for you, we can work with you to find the cat that fits your needs. Please contact There are lots of cats in foster care waiting to find their forever homes like Ginger, Jewel, Sushi, and Kabuki.