Our foster homes are more than full. We wish that we could take in all the cats that we get calls and emails about (we get a lot).  But we can suggest a few things.

First, having the cat spayed or neutered will help increase the chances for adoption.

You can put a poster/flyer up at vet offices. Usually the people that go there are responsible people who take good care of their pets and it might be a good place to start.

Ask for an adoption fee because as you'll read below, horrible things happen to cats/kittens given away free to a good home.

The other place you can leave a flyer is with us at the Petco on Rosedale.We are there on Saturdays 10-4.

You can also leave flyers at libraries, community bulletin boards, coffee shops and pet supply stores. You can try an ad on Craigslist, but make sure you ask for an adoption fee, you might have better luck.

You could place an ad in the paper for the cat. Word the ad so that it will tug at someone's heart. But, do not list the cat as free to a good home.

Horrible things can happen to cats given away for free. Ask for a $20 adoption fee at least.

People will pay for a cat and often times feel they are getting a better cat than if they got one just for free.

Ask plenty questions of anyone who calls that is interested in adopting.  Ask questions such as: will the cat be indoors the rest of its life (the best answer is yes), have you had other cats or  pets in the past? (the best answer is that they've had cats that lived a long time and were kept indoors.

The worst answer is that they've had lots of cats and they were either hit by cars, or ran away, etc.)  You can also ask if they have a regular vet, or have one in mind that they will use. Just make sure you are comfortable with the person who is going to adopt.

Taking the cat to the SPCA may result in the cat being put to sleep. You are the best chance for the cat to find a good home.