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In an effort to assist community members looking to place cats and kittens in forever loving homes, we have created a place on our website where people can have their adoptable cats and kittens posted. The Cat People does not facilitate adoptions for the cats and kittens posted here, and we are not involved in their care. If you are interested in one of these felines, you will need to contact the person who has shared the information.

Note: By submitting cats and kitten profiles along with contact information, you are agreeing to have your information posted on our website. This means it will be accessible to the public. 

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Beautiful Cat Looking for Home

Contact Email Address:

Phone:(661) 900-6160

Name of Cat/Kitten(s) : CAT

Approximate Age: 7-10 years old

When was the feline's last vet appointment?: Within a week

Spayed/Neutered? : Yes

What color fur does the cat/kitten(s) have? Long or short haired?: Long hair, beige brown

Current on shots?: Yes

Tell us your cat's/kitten's story:: Persian (long hair)
Female (spayed)
9 ½ years old
Litter box trained
No front claws
9-10 lbs
Vaccines up to date

CAT was born in April 2007. She was given to MOM as a companion pet as a kitten and has lived with her ever since. She is a shy sweet cat who is very happy to laze about. Prefers no or low activity. She enjoys interacting with you and with cat teaser toys or having her belly rubbed, but is quickly satisfied and ready to laze about some more. CAT will retreat from visitors but warms up after a few days if she finds the visitor non-threatening. I believe she used to sit on MOM’s lap, but she’s not overtly affectionate. She likes to be WHERE you are, but not necessarily ON you. She is not overly vocal. Only if she needs something or if she’s being transported in a vehicle. She meows and purrs. 

My experience with CAT has been several trips to my home to “visit” where I have two cats. My cats are much more active. CAT would occasionally join in the fun or retreat to a safe place to observe. She would do all right in a home with other cats, but perhaps not with dogs or small children.

MOM’s dementia has worsened over the past few years. MOM is no longer able to properly care for herself, her surroundings, or CAT whose long coat requires daily brushing and whose eyes and face need regular wiping down. MOM can’t remember that she just fed the cat, she frets that cat has not eaten and will drag cat out from hiding and put plate right in front of her. I’ve read that cats find this very stressful. MOM does not keep the litter box cleared. 

CAT’s quality of life will improve tremendously when she is removed from this situation.

Does the feline have any special needs?: Daily brushing of long coat. Daily wiping of eyes and face.


Name of Cat/Kitten(s) : Ragamuffin fm kitten

Your Email Address:

Approximate Age: 2-4 months

When was the feline's last vet appointment?: Within a month

Spayed/Neutered? : Too young to be altered

What color fur does the cat/kitten(s) have? Long or short haired?: Tortoiseshell

Current on shots?: Yes

Tell us your cat's/kitten's story:: She and her siblings and mother attacked my a dog only survivals where her and one other kitten she had to have her foot amputated. She gets around just fine you cant really tell she needs and indoor home

Does the feline have any special needs?: She has amputated foit due to dog attack

Marli & Crunch

Contact Email Address:, (661) 444-3259

Name of Cat/Kitten(s) : Marli & Crunch

Approximate Age: 7-10 years old

When was the feline's last vet appointment?: Within a year

Spayed/Neutered? : Yes

What color fur does the cat/kitten(s) have? Long or short haired?: Marli is a multi colored American Shorhair & Crunch is a black and white shorthair. Both are females.

Current on shots?: Yes

Tell us your cat's/kitten's story:: Marli and Crunch have been with our family for at least 10 years. My parents are moving into the RV lifestyle and are unable to take our sweet kitties with them. Crunch is very shy. She loves to pick a favorite human and show her love with head butts. Marli is more social, she is soft like a bunny and likes to cuddle (on her terms of course). Also, don't mention her rotund belly, she gets offended. Both girls have had their front claws removed. They are very tame and gentle, mature and well behaved. Marli and Crunch enjoy a quieter lifestyle and are very sweet companions. They are passive and eventually friends with other cats, but have not spent much time around dogs.

Does the feline have any special needs?: No special needs but they are older cats, between 8-10 years.