National Feral Cat Day

Today is #feralcatday and Mr. Lake has a special request to help homeless kitties. He was dumped at the park when he was 12. Completely declawed and scared, he wandered through the park trying to find someone to help him. During his journey, he encountered many feral cats that had spent their whole lives outside. He noticed they were scared of humans, but he watched them play, cuddle, meow and purr while they tried their best to enjoy life in the often dangerous park. One morning as he made his way to the foothills, Mr. Lake heard a car and voices. He ran towards the sound and found kind people feeding the cats on tortillas. The volunteers noticed he was covered in fox tails, cuts, and blisters and took him into the vet. Mr. Lake is happy and safe now, but he knows there are other cats out there in need of food and care. In honor of National Feral Cat Day, Mr. Lake is hoping that you will donate to help with the cost of food, vet care, and trap and release efforts at the park. Even $5 helps! We are an all volunteer organization meaning every cent goes towards helping felines. Donate today!

Donate to help Ferals