Rescuing since 1990

 Our History

The Cat People, an all-volunteer organization, was founded in October of 1990, in BakersfieldCalifornia, by two friends outraged at the treatment of abandoned helpless felines. They soon gathered a group of compassionate individuals who wanted to help these animals. The mission statement grew to encompass the plight of homeless felines city-wide. Out of this grass-roots effort grew a non profit organization with a Board of Directors and a solid administrative base. The mission of The Cat People is to reduce the cat overpopulation through spay/neuter programs and compassionately manage feral cat colonies.

Today, our efforts include our feral feeding programs, rescuingand altering programs, spay today voucher programs, supplies give-away programs, adoptions, waysiding and humane education outreach.

Plans are underway toward a much-needed sanctuary/adoption center to care for and adopt over the 250 rescues currently in foster care. We hope to offer a safe place for cats whose owners, by bequest, know that their precious felines will have a safe and loving environment when the owner is incapacitated. A unique adoption center would provide a showcase for our many rescues and a happy environment for the community to interact with our felines.

Spay Today Voucher Program

These programs help low-income and senior citizens with the price of altering. As money permits, caretakers are given help with the cost of altering colony cats. Yearly, the organization spends thousands of dollars in efforts to curtail the cat overpopulation. Monies for these programs are raised though donations, fundraising and grant writing.

Supplies Give Away Program

Over the last few years, many responsible cat owners have experienced financial hardships but do not want to give up their precious cats. On a sign-up basis, owners are given pet food, litter and other supplies as needed. This is made possible though fundraisers and generous donators who know how important it is to be able to keep our pets through difficult times.

Foster Care Program

Without a strong foster care program, countless lives would have been lost. Food, supplies and medical care are provided to volunteers who house our rescues in indoor homes until they can be taken to adoption sites. This crucial program allows us to rescue cats out of emergency situations and place them into permanent homes through adoptions. With a euthanasia rate of over 80% at the county shelter, foster care offers the only hope for these animals.


Our rescues are featured on our site, Facebook, and Petfinder. Adoption fees are $65.00 through an application process. All cats put up for adoption have been given a medical exam, tested, vaccinated, altered if 4 months or older. A voucher is given to alter any kitten less than 4 months. Our goal is to find loving, permanent homes for all our rescues.

Saving one animal won’t make a difference in the world, but it will make a world of difference to that one animal.

Feral Feeding, Rescuing, and Altering Programs

Volunteers provide daily food for several cat colonies living in a large county park encompassing several hundred acres. Feral cats are trapped, tested, vaccinated, altered and returned to their colonies. Abandoned cats are given a thorough medical exam, tested, altered and put up for adoption as often as foster care can be found. To date, several hundred animals have been saved and are now in forever indoor homes. Over 75 cans of cat food and 10 bags of dry food are used weekly in this program. Money raised comes through fundraising, grants and donations.



Board Members:

Barb Hays (President, Park Coordinator) Brenda Bynum ( Vice President/Adoption Chair/Colonies Assistance) Pamela Ames (Treasurer) Stacey Auguston (Secretary) Shelley Ash (Membership Chair) Marleen Ray (Shop Manager) Barbara Kitchen (Auburn Liaison) Diana Knapp (Correspondence Chair) Courtney Clerico (Web Chair/PR Chair/Volunteer Coordinator Chair)


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